Africa with my kids? WHAT?

Africa with my kids? What? Are you serious? Is it safe? This is a question we have to deal with regularly while attending hunting shows abroad.

And my answer? Yes, a profound YES! Namibia is the most family-friendly African country and considered the safest country in Africa. From Africa's highest sand dunes to its superb game reserves, Namibia is the safari holiday that stuns the senses. The Skeleton Coast and Namib desert are landscapes unlike any other. The game parks are home to rhino, lion, cheetah and many other species.

Then, there is no malaria in most of the tourist areas and no yellow fever!  If you don’t travel North of Etosha (to Caprivi strip), you don’t have to worry about malaria.The Kalahari is malaria free!

Namibia has an abundance of game and beautiful landscapes. From the east to the west, north to the south, there is so much to see and do with your children! Yes, there is plenty of fun activities to keep your children interested and engaged.

Together with all this, Namibia’s infrastructure is very well developed, our people are friendly, hospitable and peace-loving, our medical facilities are excellent, the accommodations and food on safari are great, and the sunsets never to be forgotten.

Namibia is the ideal destination for a hunter who wants to share his passion with the next generation. How special it is for a family to be part of a magical memory-making process. You will now not only be a bystander when stories of the great African experiences, adventures, hunts and trophies (as well as of the big ones that got away) are told, but in fact, form an integral and special part of those memories. Sharing in a passionate sport such a trophy hunting with the hunter(s) in your life will give you a better understanding of the reasons for their passion. Yes, and many children (and even wives) have taken their first trophy with Janneman in the Kalahari bush! The love for hunting is contagious! - so I am told!

Kalahari Safari is a family-run, family-friendly establishment, where we do all we can to meet (and exceed) your expectations. Family is important to us and that is why we offer an exclusive environment for the hunting (and non hunting) family to enjoy all that Africa has to offer! Our three children are part of the business and share the love we have for the land, the animals and the people of Africa.

We do not mix hunting groups, and you will have full range of the ranch, the facilities and the lodge. This offers you unrivalled quantity and quality time with your loved ones under the African sun and the star-struck nightly expanse of the milky way. You will return home with the most memorable time shared together (away from Xbox, TV and video game.... although we do have wifi!), sun kissed complexions, bright eyes  and red Kalahari sand between your toes.

We look forward to welcome you to our beautiful country.

- Aldalene (and my family!)