Gary and Suzanne Adams

Houston, Texas
(713) 582-8902

"I am delighted to tell you about Jannaman and Aldalene. My wife, Suzanne, and I spent a great week with them the year before last. It was my third trip to Africa and it remains the overall best. I am going hunting with them again in April - this time with three friends.I was introduced to Kalahari by a good friend who took his wife, along with another husband and wife couple. I have been lucky and have hunted several times overseas - South Africa, Namibia with Kalahari, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. The Brands gave us the most memorable and enjoyable of all those trips - no exceptions.The hunting will be great, the food will be fabulous, the scenery breathtaking, and you and your wife will bring back a bucket load of good memories. Interestingly Kalahari is also a very good choice financially. Of all my trips, Kalahari is the one where I didn’t suffer a little “sticker shock” when the trip was over. We travel a bunch, not just to hunt, and I do and have always done a lot of homework before committing. Kalahari’s prices are far better than average - and - the animals you take will be exceptional. (he has some of the best Gemsbok you will ever see - and he has the best Kudu prices in Africa!)

Suzanne and I felt like and were treated like family. You will take some animals of which you will be very proud, both in quality and from the conduct of the hunt. You and your wife will be pampered and you will love it.

You cannot and will not find a better family to hunt with - period.

Commit, go and enjoy.

Darryl and Krista Knight


"The words 'top-notch' and 'world class' are bandied about so much that they have lost their impact, so we won't use them for the great operation that Janneman and Aldalene run in Namibia. We will simply say that if you want to hunt high quality game with a high quality person, Janneman will exceed your expectations. If great food, lodging and comfort are important, Aldalene will provide some of the best food you will ever eat in a wonderful setting. Truly a great experience we will never forget."

Jeff Berney


Troy Bracker


Marty and Zac Elsenbroek


Larry and Heather Tracy


David, Peggy Anderson & family

Midland, Texas
(432) 661-8648

"We simply could not have chosen a better lodge / outfitter for our first African safari. Janneman, Aldalene and their wonderful family are fantastic hosts. The accommodations and food is exceptional. Aldalene is a wonderful cook and Janneman is a PH of the highest order. The hunting and trophy quality is outstanding. Our trip to Kalahari Safari was absolutely a trip of a lifetime for our family and we can't wait to return."

Todd Simms

Houston, Texas
832 725 1887(m)

Judge Vickers L. Cunningham, Sr.

Senior District Judge, State of Texas
9090 N Stemmons Frwy Ste A
Dallas, Texas. 75247-3521
Office: 214-445-6300

"Everything about this trip exceeded our expectations! Thanks is not a proper expression of how we feel about this incredible experience"

David and Kelly Lewis

San Antonio, Texas
Facebook - David Lewis or Kelly Lewis
Phone Number - 210764-0564

Kent and Ginger Porter

Dallas USA

"Our experience with you was simply one of a lifetime. It has all been a dream come true"

Sam Cooper

Buda, Texas
Work number:512-295-8180

"Thank you so much for the wonderful time William and I had here at Kalahari Safari..... I very much look forward to the day when I return with Karen... and have the opportunity for her to experience all that Kalahari Safari is!"

Rick and Joanne Huntington

Colorado, USA
Telephone + 1 713 907 7914

"You exceeded every expectation!"

Mike and Carol Bruce

Georgia, USA
+1 770 279 0528 (H) or
+1 770 614 7022 (W)

"Being an avid hunter for many years and hunting many places throughout the world, I can honestly say I have never experienced accommodations, game quality or service as I have with Kalahari Safari."

Andrew and Maria Dillion

Austin USA

“We knew this would be an exciting hunting trip, but what we didn’t know is that it became the trip of a lifetime for us.”

Brad and Marlece Bettis

Georgia, USA
+1 770 464 0121 (H) or
+1 770 788 8703(W)

"Our expectations of our first trip to Africa have been exceeded... The farm, game and experience of the hunt cannot be duplicated."

Fred Marrs, Texas, USA

Telephone: + 1 940 482 3415

"The last 10 days with you folks I will remember forever."

Emiliano and Lidia Giovinetti, Milan, Italy

Telephone: + 39 02 45487902

"The hunting was amazing, all the animals are very wild and Janneman is a great professional hunter. We have had some previous hunting experiences in Africa and I can say without a doubt that Janneman is one of the best professional hunters I've ever met."